Know About Us

UMUBYEYI INITIATIVE is a non-government organisation founded by youth in Kirehe district with aim to help vulnerable groups especially women ad youth groups with knowledge and skills which would empower them and contribute to the lives. We engage them in income generating activities along with their regular farm jobs, we engage them in the fight against gender imbalance and train them to be core sources of the bright future of them, the community and the country.
We commit ourselves to see empowered women and men strive for the bright future without any attempt of sexual and gender based violence. The organisation centered on Umubyeyi (mother) means that all development of the community and the descendant (children) should live safely and total engaged in the physical, social and economic development.
The raising of adolescent pregnancy cases has engage the organisation with a high concern for helping them thoroughly because it is increasing in the rural area and it is distressing living condition of many young girls.
The “UMUBYEYI INITIATIVE” has mission of creating projects and training in various field, preparing, implementing and evaluating projects aiming at to improve people’s well-being and sustainable development especially female and youth in rural area.
Our vision is to see all women and girls growing well without gender discrimination, without any kind of sexual assaults, the community without any sexual and gender based violence, the community fully satisfies with food, the community free of underlying causes of malnutrition, the community with gender equality and equity.
The overall activities of UMUBYEYI INITIATIVE is to maintain the good living conditions of the community by rely on its mission which is to create projects and training in various fields aiming at to improve people’s well-being and sustainable development especially female and youth in rural area.
1. To support, create and implement projects for youth and women for sustainable development
2. Promoting Activities of fighting against violence based on sex and unwanted pregnancy.
3. To plan, support and implement projects related to agriculture in the way of supporting rural development.
4. To empower youth and teen mothers through training related to reproductive life
5. To support the development of technician ladies.
6. To promote hygiene and sanitation to maintain citizens ‘welfare.
7. To organize trainings in technical skills that lead to development

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